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The Innovation Management Fast Track Course For Executives and Innovation Architects

Learn and reactivate the ins and outs of contemporary innovation management in a condensed three- to five-day learning experience tailored to executives and experienced innovation professionals who are in charge of large-scale change for innovation aka. establishing an ‘innovation culture’.

Summer 2021

June — 3 Days / Half-Day Remote
Zoom and Miro

Did You Know?

The most innovative companies have an up to
 90% ‘innovation premium’ (i.e. market cap bonus by investors). Thus 70% of CEOs consider innovation a top-3 priority and 
want to ‘create a culture of innovation’.

And yet 80% of new product introductions, 80-90% of corporate startups, and 70% of large scale transformation initiatives fail.

But what is the problem with 
innovation in big organizations?

From our research and consulting experience we know that most organizations face a couple of barriers:

Insufficient innovation literacy

Organizations have no language for innovation and don’t know how to create an innovation support system that will work in the long run.

Too biased focused on core business and efficiency

They are too focused on the exploitative side of the business and even if they separate their exploration activities in terms of an ambidextrous organisation, they do so to an extent that it is hardly possible to reintegrate innovation outcomes like new services or business models back into the core organisation or business units.

Mixing up innovation tactics for a strategy or architecture

Many handle innovation episodically and put too much trust in isolated hype-of-the-day methodologies like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, or Scrum, without busying themselves with their interplay and prerequisites.

This list could go on endlessly but you get it

Becoming an ambidextrous organization is not anymore a question of being progressive. It’s a question of survival!

So, every innovation executive’s
sixty-four billion-dollar question is:

How do we create an innovation system, where the exploiters (navy) can respect the explorers (pirates) and work frictionlessly with them hand in hand?

Workshop impression: Mapping out ‘innovation vehicles and pathways’ in a ‘dual organisation‘

This Course Gives Answers

Your daily business leaves little to no time to really stay up-to-date with the latest developments in change and innovation management? Jan curated an exclusive high-level overview that enables you to make well-informed decisions on how to structure your innovation system.

Guiding Philosophies and Theories

A curation of the most important philosophies and theories that guide contemporary change and innovation management at model companies like Alphabet, IBM, Amazon, Intuit, or Haier.

Sensemaking of Agile
Innovation Approaches

The positioning and interplay of agile innovation approaches, like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum/Kanban within a full-stack innovation funnel.

‘New’ Innovation Terms and
Core Concepts

Critical terms and core concepts you’ll need, to explain, discuss, and progress your innovation activities with internal and external stakeholders of your innovation ecosystem.

Examples of Successful
Innovation Initiatives

Implementation examples of proven innovation vehicles and pathways of international vanguard companies as an inspiration for your own change.

Deconstruction of Popular
Innovation Vehicles

In-depth examinations and critique of “Innovation Labs”, “Internal and External Accelerators”, “Design Thinking/Agile/Lean Startup Coaches”, “Idea Competitions”, “Open Innovation Platforms”, “Classical Tech R&D”

Discussion of Innovation Barriers

The most common, but also most counter-intuitive innovation barriers and by the help of which innovation vehicle you might be able to overcome them.

All based on important academic and business contributions, first-hand coaching and consulting experience as well as insights from own academic research and teaching.

Featured Cases Studies

Learning material impressions: the interplay of ‘agile’ approaches in a full-stack innovation process

What You’ll Take Away

You will leave with a more holistic understanding of the barriers and enablers of systemic innovation systems; an overview over 100+ proven innovation vehicles; a reflection of your own role; and a hell of a lot of inspiration. This will enable you to steer your own change in the right direction whilst not repeating mistakes that others already cost dearly. Or you might just readjust your existing innovation activities to be more efficient.

Language Proficiency

You will be enabled to better articulate and discuss your innovation barriers and tensions, which frees you up to figure out how to make innovation work systemically in your context.

Frameworks and Models

You’ll get equipped with useful frameworks and communication models to classify, differentiate, and discuss systemic innovation with your peers.

Big Picture View

You’ll gain a better perspective on what differentiates ‘episodic innovation’ vs. ‘innovation-as-a-discipline’, which might help you to classify, localize, and improve your own corporate landscape’s innovation initiatives.

Guided Workbook Companion

You’ll receive a guided workbook companion, which helps you to reflect upon your own innovation strategy and system architecture in the form of a written workshop documentation.

Organization Design Awareness

You will get a sense of the org design prerequisites to make the different innovation vehicles work — also the ones that already exist at your organisation.

Ideas and Inspiration

You will leave with an abundance of ideas and inspiration for the design of your own innovation programs or the ones of your clients.
Knowledge activation inputs, group discussions, team and individual work, as well as reflection alternate during the days

For Whom It Is

Pirates In The Navy is primarily tailored towards C-level executives and innovation program leaders/architects. But its contents are also very relevant for the following groups of people.

C-Level Executives and Members of the Board

Members of Innovation Sounding and Investment Boards

Business Unit and
Senior Managers

Members of a Guiding Coalition for Large Scale Change

Corporate Innovation Practitioners

Everyone responsible for systematically organizing ‘Digital Transformations’ or Culture Change

Benefits In A Nutshell

It took Jan five years to develop this format. You get the compressed knowledge in days. Think of it as a ‘pressure refueling’ with all recent innovation literature and practical experiences of other industry leaders forged into a unique learning experience.

Interactive Experience

Even though the topic is about high-level org design architecture and strategy-making, you’ll get the chance to discuss and reflect implications for your own organisation in breakout groups and basecamps.

Small Groups

This intensive learning experience has no more than 15 participants. This means that there will be enough in-between discussion time and break periods to cater to everyone.


High-profile peer participants have their own stories to tell. Your side-learning effects will be great. And why not put out feelers for kindred spirits or even prospective partners for your innovation ecosystem?

Exclusive Materials

You’ll receive a comprehensive set of innovation strategy materials that you can use for your later work. This includes one year of online access to a database of over 100 proven innovation vehicles, an innovation system card set and useful working posters.

Extreme Timesaver

It took Jan over five years to finally develop this format. You get the compressed knowledge in days. Think of it as a two-day ‘pressure refueling’ with all recent innovation literature plus practical experiences of other industry leaders forged into a unique learning experience.
Jan Schmiedgen and Ingo Rauth — co:dify founders and minds behind this learning experience

We Are Experienced Practitioners

Jan Schmiedgen

Innovation Strategist, Managing Partner at co:dify Group

Besides his part at co:dify, Jan is also a fellow at HPI Potsdam’s HPDTRP Program and the lead curator of In his dual role as an advisor and organizational researcher, he loves to shape but also examine large-scale ‘change-by-design’ transformations. Both gave him first-hand insights into failed as well as successful (digital) transformation programs, which he loves to collect, systematize, and regularly share with students and industry leaders at keynotes, conferences, or university courses (HPI School of Design Thinking, HPI Academy, Chalmers University, Service Design Berlin, 99U, Dutch Design Week, to name but a few).
His current main clients are heavyweights from the German mechanical engineering industry and Silicon Valley-based Enterprise Accelerator Alchemist.

Multidisciplinary network of experienced innovation researchers and practitioners with a focus on ‘change by design’

The company’s specialty is to analyze the innovation approaches and practices from the most progressive companies in the world in order to co:dify them into learning formats and innovation programs. In other words: to innovate their innovation management.
The network consists of freelance facilitators, an advisory board as well as partner consultancies. Currently, it encompasses 100+ domain specialists. Both, the co:dify partners as well as its network experts, work(ed) and research(ed) at renowned private and academic organisations, like IE Business School, Rotman School of Management, Stanford University, HPI Potsdam, Lunar, and think tanks from Google, to name but a few. In the past, the co:dify partners also leadingly initiated not-for-profit organizations like the German Education Innovation Lab or

Bad managers change the people.

Good managers change the system.

Are you ready to change yours?

A collection of class impressions and methods/tools used in PiratesInthe.Navy

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Learn and reactivate the ins and outs of contemporary innovation management. Join our condensed three-day learning experience tailored to executives and experienced innovation professionals who are in charge of large-scale change for innovation a.k.a. establishing an ‘innovation culture’.

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